New Books September  

50 Books you can’t put down.
FRANCIS Felix Bloodline (Dick Francis Novel) Jockeys Mystery
FREEMANKimberly Lighthouse Bay Australian Historical
MEARS Gillian Foals Bread Horses Australian
HILL Lorretta The Girl In The Steel Capped Boots Australian Family Saga
HIGGINS FionaThe Mothers Group Parenting Femail Friendship
Non Fiction
HAMILTON John The Prince Of Valour World War Biolography
KIRK Brett & Hayley Brave Heart Australian Rules Football
CARTER Charlie Time Thieves Science Fiction
GRIFFITHS Andy The 26-Storey Tree House Adventure
SHIRVINGTON Jessica Endless Romance Angels
Non Fiction
CLARK Max Leiths Meat Bible Cookery
HITCHCOCK Maria A Celebration of Wattle Native Flora
BAILEY Eileen The Essential Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome  Guide to Asperger’s
ECONOMIDES Steve & Annette The MoneySmart Family System Financial Advice
CARLYON Les The Master, A Personal Portrait of Bart Cummings Biography
Adult Fiction
McINERNEY Monica A House Of Memories Australian Family Saga
BRYRSKI Liz In the Company Of Strangers Australian Friendship
Large Print
JACOBS Anna Jessie Family Saga
Audio Abridged (Talking Books)
O’REILLY P A The Fine Colour Of Rust Family Saga Australian
DVD’s Adult
Summers Lease
3 in 1 The thin Red Line, Gallipoli, & Platoon
Baz Luhrman Collection Australia, Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Julliet, & Strictly Ballroom
The Sound Of Music
Schindlers List
Now The Hits Autumn 2012
STEAD Rebecca Liar & Spy (Spy Stories)

The Tailem Bend Primary School is looking for any historical photos of Tailem Bend or the School. We will scan them and return them to you ASAP.

We also have an Electrical Home Audit Kit for your borrowing.                                       
  Thanks Library Staff